A 400-acre dairy farm in upstate NY. The goal for the masterplan is to provide a framework for the long-term stewardship of the land. The plan allows for the sensitive, low-impact development of new residences and roads to allow family members to develop smaller, more cost-effective homes. A critical component is to ensure the long-term environmental health of the land by addressing current environmental issues (run-off, nutrient depletion, lake water quality) and planning for future uses.

We are currently seeking proposals for a new farmer for Pinehurst Farm. If you are interested, please download our proposal materials at this link.


In 1950, there were 3,261 farms covering 75 percent of the land area. As of 1998—the most recent available data—there were fewer than 1,045 farms on less than 35 percent of the land.

Otsego Land Trust