To Pin a Cloud

To Pin a Cloud | Wood, Paper, Wax | 35’ x 20’ x 10’

Contained in the depths of our finest institutions are vast collections of the more than human world. Categorized and cataloged, these materials inform much of the way we understand the world around us. There is a paradox inherent in collecting; the quest to pin something down and define it as an individual can obscure the very entanglements which all life depends on.

This installation is a cumulus of cloud like forms, made from paper and wax, pinned to the earth with wooden dowels. The sculpture is at once a riff on the desire to collect, but also a luminous form, which changes with the light and reflects nearby colors. It invites viewers to walk under it, observing the way light filters through the paper, and observe it as a form from afar.

Made out of paper, wax, and wood, this sculpture is designed to be a temporary installation, easily disassembled and returned to the earth.