The Shape of Time

The Shape of Time | Graphite | 240” x 72”

Salt, when under extreme pressure, becomes fluid and can seep through geological faults and porous material to create wild bulbous forms. In the process of forming, the domes create pockets where oil and gas collect, making them a valuable tool for mapping potential energy deposits. In other words, salt domes for oil companies are akin to a watering hole for hunters.
Mapping salt domes is not just an exercise in tracing forms, but rather in becoming intimate with another force. One that operates across millennia, without sunlight, without air; a substance so thoroughly opposite of our human cells. Yet we are entangled with it’s existence. The force of salt moving between geological strata, creates oil deposits which become our fuel, and consequently our ability to travel the world, enabling us to collapse 26,000 miles into mere hours in a plane. But as we hurtle forward, faster than ever before, we depend more upon the movements of deep time. Movements that, when measured in the span of a human life, are invisible and therefor rendered static by mapping.