Object + Field embodies the practice of Cecil Howell. The studio is equal parts Design, Art, and Research. The work explores our relationship to the landscape, with the belief that our built environment is as much a series of questions as it is a physical form.


A Biography of a River
Cartographies of Time
Water as Cake
Pinehurst Farm
Summer Folly
Shape of Time
Tech Campus
Seed Dispersal
Under the Weather





Please email cecil@cecilhowell.com for inquiries.

Under the Weather:

A series of prints exploring wind patterns and defining edges

Watched ice was speed made invisble

A series of collages that combine monotypes of melting ink with vinyl shapes inspired by Ed Roberson’s poem To See the Earth Before the End of the World. Each piece is 11” x 15”, on 250gsm, 100% cotton paper, in warm white.

The Shape of Time:

Mappings of salt domes in the Guld of Mexico. Each piece is 24” x 18".

Cartographies of Time:

Mappings of Isle Royale National Park as seen from satellite imagery over the last decade. Each open edition print is 22” x 15”, on 250 gsm 100% cotton paper (in bright white or cream).